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In April 2015, six months after moving to Spring Hill, TN, owner, and chef Sarah Bread began Spring Hill Bakery (SHB) as a home-based business out of love for great food. Baking everything entirely from scratch in her tiny home oven, Sarah sold her artisan bread and cookies online, at farmer’s markets, and at bread stands around the Spring Hill, TN area.


As her popularity and reputation grew, she and her incredibly supportive husband, Corey, began looking for a storefront location in the fast-growing city. Sarah’s intention for the bakery was to make and serve the best-baked goods around while providing a place for her customers to come and break bread together.


After scouting a handful of places, their first opportunity came in the form of a commercial kitchen located in a Civil War-era mansion on the south side of town. It wasn’t the storefront they had envisioned, but it would work for now. In March 2016, SHB began baking both for Sarah’s ever-expanding customer base as well as for restaurants and cafes, however, three months into their lease, they had outgrown their kitchen, and the hunt for a larger facility continued.


Fast-forward through almost two years of making it work, scaling back, and still regularly selling out at her weekly bread stands, a bakery space located at 309 Hardin Alley practically fell into Sarah’s lap. Located right in the heart of old town Spring Hill, this cozy little house-turned-bakery fit Sarah’s criteria for what she envisioned for Spring Hill Bakery.


After 4.5 years operating as a retail bakery and selling thousands of artisan breads, cinnamon rolls, and cookies every week, Sarah had a wake-up call. Sitting in the ER, she was forced to make the tough decision to focus on one product so the bakery could continue the mission. On October 5th, 2019, Spring Hill Bakery closed its retail storefront to focus on mail-order cookies and local cookie delivery. Also, Sarah has launched baking classes in-person and online so that others can learn how to bake the SHB items they had fallen in love with.


Today, Sarah and her team of bakers are still baking everything entirely from scratch using both family and her own recipes. Daily creating beautifully crafted cookies baked to order and shipped right to their customer’s door, bringing community and happiness locally and afar.


We are all seeking happiness and we believe loving others, sharing, and being in community is the best recipe. Every day we get to see people light up through experiencing Spring Hill Bakery and that is why we exist. We invite you to share our cookies with a friend or neighbor and hopefully you’ll encourage a smile and add a bit of happiness to their day.